Thai House Street Noodle

Garden and Tofu


Fresh tofu, vegetables and rice noodles in savory vegetable broth.
Duck Noodle Soup


Roasted duck and egg noodles in a rich herb broth.
Thai Boat Noodle


Traditional style beef noodle, beef slices, meatballs, stew beef and rice noodles in beef stew broth.
Spicy Miso Ramen


Egg noodle, prawns, ground chicken and hard boiled egg with ground peanuts in spicy miso soup.
BBQ Pork Wonton


Thai-country-style BBQ pork, pork wontons, egg noodles and bean sprouts in savory broth
Crispy Noodle Sea


Thai-style gravy sauce with combination seafood, shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, carrots and onions served over crispy egg noodles.
Hawaiian Chicken and Prawns


Pan fried wide rice noodles with pineapple, onions, egg, cashew nuts, bell peppers and yellow curry powder.
Great Wall Noodle


Pan fried egg noodles with chicken and prawns, egg, onions, cabbage, carrots and bean sprouts in sesame soy sauce.

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