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About Thai House

Thirty years after opening its doors in downtown Santa Rosa, the restaurant Thai House continues to serve authentic Thai food within its tranquil and ambient atmosphere. Customers can choose to relax comfortably on plush pillows on the floor, in the true Thai fashion, or share a table with friends and family at a quiet table tucked in among the warm patina of wood-paneled walls. The gurgling sounds of water trickling from a waterfall provides a peaceful and serene setting found in many restaurants throughout the verdant Thailand landscape.

Meet Natta

The owner, Natta Mahana, grew up helping in her mother’s restaurant years ago in Thailand. After arriving in the United States as a student 25 years ago, she worked at the original Thai House as one of its waitresses. When the owner retired, Natta chose to continue as the new owner. To ensure the menu remained authentic, Natta returned to her home country to visit famous Thai restaurants throughout the countryside, from the northeast, central and southernmost regions. She loved cooking, creating and eating delicious and appetizing foods and wanted to share the Thai restaurant experience with others in the U.S. She cherished the secret ingredients she learned from Thai chefs, testing recipes she brought back with her to ensure the quality, texture and taste met her high expectations.

Meet the woman behind the kitchen walls

While customers at the Thai House are enjoying their savory meals in the softly-lit rooms dotted with hanging paper chandeliers, and surrounded by rich, intricate architecture, they may not know that the hands whipping up their entrees is Mam, Natta’s own mother. When Natta assumed ownership of the Thai House, she persuaded Mam to join her in America. Mam’s own culinary skills, fresh ingredients, and specialty recipes, passed down from generation to generation, brought even more time-honored Thai dishes to the Thai House . . . not only served in traditional style but prepared with a touch of love from a Mother.

Delicious Thai Food from Thai House

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